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How to Spend a Day in Stockholm

How to Spend a Day in Stockholm

With its picturesque architecture, winding alleys, and network of islands, Stockholm is a beautiful city. While this capital warrants more time, I had the pleasure of spending about 12 hours exploring all that Stockholm has to offer. If you ever find yourself in Stockholm, I encourage you to check out the following activities to make the most of your visit.

Stroll Down Strandvägen – Arguably the most picturesque boulevard in central Stockholm, Strandvägen boasts an impressive array of palatial style buildings. Because this boulevard runs along the water, you’ll pass countless boats and boardwalk cafes along the way. Walk east along the road until you reach the bridge that leads to the Djurgården Island. The view from this bridge is an excellent vantage point for capturing a snapshot of Strandvägen and the river in all its beauty.

Visit Vasa Museum – Vasamuseet is by far one of the coolest museums I’ve visited. Centered around a fully intact Viking Ship that made its home on the ocean floor for over 300 years before being resurfaced, the museum offers 360 degree views of the vast ship and a unique glimpse into Viking life on and off-board. Be sure to get here early to avoid the lines (around 7:30am if you can make it).


Explore Old Town – The oldest part of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, is located on a small island west of Djargården. Dedicate at least two hours to walk the island, and be sure to check out three streets in the heart of Old Town: Stora Nygatan, Västerlånggatan, and Prastgatan. Rows of cafes, restaurants, and shops make up this network of cobblestoned alleyways, and the car free zone means the streets are always abuzz with locals and tourists alike. Grab a gelato and head down a side street to find some hidden treasures, and don’t forget to visit the Royal Palace before you leave the island.

Eat Swedish Meatballs – You’re sure to build up an appetite walking around Gamla Stan. Stop at one of the countless Old Town restaurants offering traditional Swedish cuisine. Many of these restaurants hang the Swedish flag outside, so they are easy to spot. Order the meatballs with lingonberries, or if you’re a bit more adventurous, the reindeer. Congratulations! You are no longer a Swedish meatball virgin (remember- IKEA doesn’t count).

Climb the Soderberg Stairs – If you happen to be leaving Stockholm by ferry boat, there is a stunning bird’s eye view of the city not far from the Viking Line docks. across the street from the Museum of Photography, you’ll see stairs along the rock face. Climb these to the high street above, where you can see the bay and skyline in its entirety. Visit at sunset for a scenic ending to a perfect day in Stockholm.



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