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One Girl’s Guide to Copenhagen

One Girl’s Guide to Copenhagen

It’s impossible to sum up the charm of Copenhagen in 500 words. I’ve visited many European cities, and Copenhagen is the first that really coaxes me to move. With only two days to explore, I’m counting down the days until I have a chance to go back and discover more. Until then, I’ve reflected on my experience and created a quick guide to Copenhagen to help you have an amazing first trip and decide where to eat, what to see, and more. Use it as a foundation for your own guide, and make the great city of Copenhagen yours.


Nyhavn – this waterfront boulevard is one of the most iconic in Copenhagen. With brightly colored buildings, rows of restaurants with busy patios, and countless boats passing by, Nhyhavn is perfect for an afternoon walk and snapping picturesque shots of the city.

Rosenborg Castle – surrounded by lush green gardens and manicured lawns, the Rosenborg Castle is a sight worth seeing in Copenhagen. Pack a lunch and have a picnic on the front lawn.

Kastellet – a star-shaped fortress from the 1800s, Kastellet is one of my favorite site of Copenhagen. Preserved structures include a church and a traditional Danish windmill. Plus, the tall hills offer panoramic views of the city.

Little Mermaid – okay, the Little Mermaid statue is very touristy, but it is essentially a rite of passage to see this symbolic bronze statue. Undoubtedly there will be crowds of others trying to take the perfect photo, so visit early in the morning or near sundown to get the best view.

Freetown Christiana – if you’re looking for a neighborhood with a totally different vibe than the rest of Copenhagen, Christiana is it. Established by “hippies” 1970’s, Christiana is characterized by alternative buildings, a prominent art scene, and quirky coffee shops.


Vaffelbageren – a picture is worth 1000 words, but even this one doesn’t do the fresh waffles from Vaffelbageren justice. Located on the corner of Nyhavn and Toldbodgade streets, it’s impossible to miss as you can smell the sweet, sugary scent for blocks. While the waffles and soft serve ice-cream is the signature item on the menu, I recommend pairing the waffles with one of the many gelatos. Or better yet, splurge for both.

Copenhagen Street Food – this food truck market is a haven for affordable, delicious food. Located on Paper island, Copenhagen Street Food has endless choices. Korean BBQ, Halal, pizza, and Danish represent just a few of the stations that offer meals for less than $10USD per plate. In addition to food, multiple bars offer great happy hour deals, and you can even share a 60 ounce mojito fishbowl with friends. Take the blue or yellow water taxis from Nyhavn to visit this foodie’s paradise.


La Fontaine – if you want a quaint, local bar to hear great jazz music, La Fontaine is your spot. With amazing atmosphere and amazing musicians, La Fontaine is sure to be a great night. Performances begin nightly at 10pm, but arrive early because capacity is limited to 100 people.

Sam’s Bar – now if you want a crazy, local bar to hear great karaoke, Sam’s bar is your spot! Okay, not all the singers are great, but the two female bartenders are absolutely amazing and the crowd is a blast. Open until 5am, Sam’s bar is the late night location to dance your way into the wee hours of the morning.

So what are you waiting for?

If there’s one message I want to leave you with, it’s that this guide doesn’t do Copenhagen justice. Hopefully, though, it encourages you to take a trip of your own and discover this incredible city.

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