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How to Spend a Mother-Daughter Weekend in Savannah

How to Spend a Mother-Daughter Weekend in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia is brimming with charm. When I traveled here with my mom last May, I absolutely fell in love with the city. Its relatively small size makes it perfect for weekend trips with your mom, girlfriends, or anyone interested in history and southern food. The guide below will help you decide what to do, where to eat, and where to stay in Savannah.



Stroll the streets and squares – Savannah has been deemed one of America’s most walkable and most beautiful cities numerous times. When you experience it yourself, it’s easy to see why. Central Savannah is filled with over 20 squares, which are basically mini parks with immense mossy trees, fountains or sculptures, and perfectly pruned flowers. Each is a little different so I encourage you to hit as many as you can. My personal favorites include:

  • Chippewa Square – for all you Forrest Gump fans, this is the square where he sat as he waited for the bus to see Jenny
  • Madison Square – located in a bustling area of town near quaint shops and restaurants
  • Lafayette Square – surrounded by historic homes and inns; a bit quieter than Chippewa and Madison

As you make your way between the squares, I guarantee you’ll see some of the most gorgeous restored homes you’ve ever set eyes on. Jones Street has some particularly pretty houses. The abundance of oak trees will keep you shady and cool as you eye the homes with jealously.


Visit the cemeteries – Yes, seriously. The cemeteries in Savannah are honestly beautiful and you’ll be missing out if you don’t experience them. Colonial Park Cemetery is right downtown in Savannah and is worth seeing, but you should really make your way about four miles south to Bonaventure Cemetery. Bonaventure is eerily romantic and a little haunting. It is over 100 acres in size, so you may find yourself alone and a bit lost, surrounded by gothic iron gates, marble sculptures, and low hanging trees. Bring a picnic lunch along because you’ll want to spend the better part of the afternoon here. Before you leave, make sure you see little Gracie Watson’s tomb (or her ghost, if you’re lucky…)


Find antique treasures – I’ll admit that I usually don’t find antique shopping that thrilling. Savannah is different. Not only are the antiques themselves of the utmost quality (think classic, colonial furniture and gorgeous crystal), but the stores are interesting and historically significant. You must wander around the upstairs floors of Alex Raskin Antiques. The shop is set in an unrestored mansion with peeling paint and dusty portraits covering the walls. As you climb the creaky old stairs in the dim light, you can’t help but glance over your shoulder. Honestly, the place is a little creepy but it’s brimming with treasures – four poster beds, oversized gilded mirrors, solid oak chairs with velvet tufts. Shopping at Alex Raskin is stepping back in time.



Gryphon Tea RoomGryphon is the perfect place for a mother-daughter afternoon tea. The dining room has plush, cozy carpeting and a grandeur chandelier hanging from the ceiling. For the full experience, order the ‘afternoon tea’ to enjoy mini cucumber sandwiches, sweet crumbly scones, and fresh fruit with your choice of flavorful, loose leaf tea. After you’ve finished your tea and are sufficiently rejuvenated, walk across the square to wander around shopSCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Design store.


The Olde Pink House – The Olde Pink House is the place to go for classic southern fare in an upscale setting. While the inside tables are nice, I recommend asking to sit on the small balcony patio. The patio is a perfect for a quiet dinner with only a handful of tables and a warm evening breeze. Order the fried pork chop with mac and cheese as a staple, and try the southern sushi for a modern twist.


LuLu’s Chocolate Bar and Chocolate by Adam Turoni – Make your way to LuLu’s for a sweet and delicious after dinner treat. The menu is extensive and will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. Cakes, pies, fondue, and chocolate martinis are just a few of the options. The signature LuLutini will not disappoint. If your sweet tooth hits during the day, go to Chocolat by Adam Turoni. This unique candy store is set up as a “library” where you browse cases of decadent homemade truffles.




Hamilton Turner Inn – There are dozens of bed and breakfasts in Savannah, but I highly recommend the Hamilton Turner Inn. The historic home was built in 1873 and has 17 posh bedrooms. Each has a unique décor and style, some with fireplaces and claw foot tubs and all with cozy beds. The services are impeccable; delicious breakfast is served in the beautiful dining room each morning, and hors d’oeuvre are set out each evening followed by port wine. The Hamilton Turner Inn is so comfortable that it’ll be hard to leave your room.

But leave your room you will. There is so much to see and do in Savannah, and a weekend is the perfect amount of time to hit the major parts. Enjoy Savannah, and let me know what other spots you recommend!


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