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Adventurous Activities To Do in Punta Cana

Adventurous Activities To Do in Punta Cana

I had the pleasure of spending my holiday in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I’ll be honest – I was a little hesitant about the trip. I’d heard wonderful things about Punta Cana’s pristine beaches and beautiful weather. However, I’d also heard that Punta Cana could be a tad boring for travelers who are more inclined toward adventure travel. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of activities to do in the Punta Cana area. If you ever find yourself in Punta Cana and are looking for something to do besides lounge on the beach, the list below will have you covered.


Swim in Lagoons – Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve is the perfect spot for an early morning or afternoon hike. The reserve has 12 freshwater pools with clear blue water and limestone bottoms. You’ll spot small fish, turtles, and birds that call these lagoons their home. Make sure you hike to all of the pools since each is a little different. It takes about 45 minutes to make the entire loop through the forest. Three of the lagoons are swimmable, so wear your swimsuit, bring a towel, and get ready to dive in!


Try Kite Surfing– Punta Cana has steady trade winds which makes it an opportune spot for kite surfing. I didn’t try this activity first hand, but a kite surfing school was adjacent to the Westin resort where I stayed so I had a front row view. If trying kite surfing for the first time, you’ll have instructors that keep close to you in a small boat while you cruise around the smooth water on a mid-size board propelled forward by a giant parachute. Once you get a little experience, you may even find yourself doing a few flips on your board. Check out Kite Club Puta Cana if interested.


Cruise to Catalina – Catalina Island is accessible from Punta Cana via organized day trips. Book through your hotel or online before your vacation. A visit to Catalina island is an alternative to spending another day at your resort. You’ll be picked up via shuttle and will take a catamaran approximately 40 minutes to the island. Once you get to the island, there are options to snorkel (you’ll see a variety of fish but unfortunately the coral is not colorful) and go tubing. Personally, I thought the island itself was very pretty, but it seemed a bit commercialized and crowded once you get onshore. I’ll leave it up to you to form your own opinion.


Eat at local Dominican restaurants – I would discourage adventurous travelers from staying at all-inclusive resorts. While these resorts may be convenient and budget friendly, they can also exclude you from local DR culture and begin to feel monotonous after a few days. Booking a normal resort means you can go out and about for meals without feeling guilty. Head down to Punta Cana Village, a small shopping and restaurant community, for dinner. La Casita de Yeya serves affordable and delicious Dominican cuisine and is more authentic than what you’ll find at a resort. Not sure what to order? You can’t go wrong with grilled lobster and shrimp mofongo.

Hopefully the activities above will keep you occupied in beautiful Punta Cana. And remember, there’s no shame in doing nothing but being a beach bum all day. Vacations are for relaxing!

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