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A Girls’ Getaway to San Antonio

A Girls’ Getaway to San Antonio

When my mom suggested San Antonio for our annual girls getaway weekend, I immediately googled “things to do in San Antonio.” I honestly hadn’t heard of people taking trips there. I was surprised to find out that San Antonio was so close to Austin (just 90 minutes South) and was a popular weekend destination for its downtown river walk area.

After visiting with my mom and two sister-in-laws, I’ve racked up a list of things to do that will keep you more than busy for a fun filled weekend!

Roam around the River Walk

The River Walk is lined with countless cafes, restaurants, and shops. It’s a great spot to grab lunch and soak up the sun with a couple drinks. You can literally sit river side, but be careful with the margaritas as a few people fall into the river weekly (according to one of our friendly taxi drivers). The river walk spans multiple miles, and you can explore it by foot, bike, or boat tour.

During the day, the Riverwalk is picturesque due to its many gilded bridges and it’s green foliage. At night, thousands of tiny Edison lights twinkle off the water.

Mission San José

Remember, there’s more than just the Alamo

San Antonio is home to five missions. The most renowned is the Alamo, which is right in the heart of the city and subsequently the busiest. Visit early in the morning or on a weekday if possible to avoid the crowds. Entrance to the building and the surrounding grounds is free, and you can make the loop in about 30 minutes. The Alamo itself is cool and dark and spotted with signs that describe the history during and before the Texan revolution.

While the Alamo is an amazing piece of history, don’t miss the opportunity to see the other missions.

Hop into your car to make the drive south on Missionary road. Roll down your windows and breathe in the fresh air as you make your way out of the heart of the city and into the country. Each of the four remaining missions – Concepcion, San José, San Juan, and Espada – are unique in style, size, and structure. The largest, and my personal favorite, is Mission San José. Home and refuge to hundreds of Native Americans in the 1700s, and you can get a feel for the community and how people lived.

Eat real Mexican food

A mid-westerner like me doesn’t get the opportunity to eat authentic Mexican food often. When in San Antonio, you’ll have endless options for tex-mex and Mexican cuisine. I recommend getting away from the Riverwalk to seek out the local gems. El Mirador is a quaint little restaurant covered in vines with killer enchiladas and fajitas. Rosarios was also recommended by our hotel concierge.

El Mercado is an open air market that has dozens of taco and street corn stands, so it’s a good spot to get a quick bite.

Listen to live music

San Antonio is like Austin’s little brother – you can find live music just about every night. The best spots to grab a drink and hear some tunes are SoHo and Davenport. SoHo has a hipster vibe with craft cocktails, an old vault as the centerpiece, and jazz musicians. Davenport has an extensive martini list and plays more modern music.

Relax pool-side

San Antonio can get hot, so a dip in the pool is a welcome retreat. The St. Anthony hotel has a posh rooftop pool and bar, with dozens of shaded and sunny lounge chairs. Since the pool is open to guests only, it’s a fabulous reason to stay there in the first place (plus the rest of the hotel is gorgeous).

Grab dinner at the Pearl District

Pearl Brewery and the surrounding Pearl district is the heart of San Antonio’s culinary scene. There are dozens of excellent restaurants, from vegetarian to barbecue and everything between. If you’re visiting on a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll want to make a reservation since a lot of the restaurants are pretty small. Botika is a good option for sushi and Asian fusion.

After dinner, stroll around the grounds in front of the brewery to people watch.

Visit during Fiesta

Fiesta is San Antonio’s spring festival. It kicks off at the end of April and spans 10 days, picking up in intensity as it progresses. If you visit during Fiesta, you’ll have a chance to visit one of the dozens of pop up events – highlights include the oyster bake and the flower parade.

But if you can’t plan your trip around Fiesta, don’t fret. Anytime is a good time to visit San Antonio!

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